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Environmental & Social Commitment

Being successful as an enterprise is of course the top-most priority of the Katathani Collection, its management and team.
However, all of our activities are based on the principles of sustainable development.

Katathani Collection believes that it is important to keep a balance between the economic growth and welfare of our community,
therefore ensuring that environmental practices and, social initiatives are implemented within the resort.
We feel that the hospitality and tourism industry is under pressure to become more environmentally friendly
as a result of consumer demand. In order to minimize the industry’s negative impacts on the ecosystem
we have integrated sustainability principles on our core business strategy.

We are extremely proud of the commitment we have made to this bountiful planet, finding the importance
to make steady measured progress of our efforts to safeguard our environment through consistent water conservation,
energy efficiency, waste reduction and clear air practices. Our policy is to reduce, reuse and recycle.

World Environment Day

The 2023 World Environment Day campaign #BeatPlasticPollution ,
Let's take care of it.

Garbage & Waste Management

We participate in the Recycled Garbage Costume Parade on World Environmental Day, and donate the bottle caps from re-usable glass bottles to manufacturers of prosthetic limbs.

We thoroughly treat our waste water and reused it to irrigate our plants and organic garden.

Big Beach Cleaning

We keep our beloved “Nang Thong Beach” beautiful and safe for all to enjoy by organizing a beach cleaning twice a week by our staff and a Big Beach Cleaning once a month with the generous help of our staff, guests and local community.

Environmental Detective Program

We take a pride in educating local students and our hotel’s staff regarding island environmental protection through programs such as “Environmental Detective”.

Water & Energy

Encourage guests and staff to get involved and conserve water & energy to conserve the world’s limited resources, reduce global warming by saving electricity and consequently off setting our property’s environment impact.


The Sands KhaoLak by Katathani Collection has saved millions of USD over the years by implementing comprehensive sustainability projects.
A substantial portion of these savings are donated through the We Love Hometown Foundation for the restoration and maintenance of local facilities.
These savings would not be possible without our dedicated staff’s commitment to our sustainability goals, and so a portion of these savings also goes to support The Sands staff in times of crisis and to encourage and celebrate with them in times of joy, such as birthdays, staff parties, trips and other special functions.

In return for environmental efforts


   Annual Saving   

   Annual Cost Saving   


51,019 Kg.

193,322 Baht

Organic fertilizer

3,530 Kg.

72,718 Baht

Effective Microorganisms

1,300 Ltr.

429 Baht

Biological cleaning – Ko Green

1,125 Ltr.

37,768.85 Baht

Hot water by solar thermal

175,833 Kwh

703,333 Baht

LED Bulbs in rooms

42,098.4 Kwh

147,344 Baht

Energy saving bulbs in the walkways

11,568 Kwh

40,488 Baht

Air conditioning efficiency

394,560 kwh

1,380,960 Baht

Internal water recycling and treatment

5,632 M3

123,904 Baht

Rain water collection

114,110 M3

2,510,420 Baht

We continue to challenge ourselves and constantly develop new objectives and goals on a regular basis
in order to remain forefront on the modern environmental conservation effort.